Nikon D800 on the DSLR Horizon

Is Nikon taking a marketing tip from Apple and employing the freak-n-leak-technique?

Sipping coffee on this cold Berlin morning, I came across an interesting photo. The Nikon webmasters are 1) in trouble for posting the wrong pic or 2) are simply following orders from marketing and creating even more buzz for the long-awaited D800 DSLR.

Either way, the picture on Vlad Sayoy’s post at revealed an official image of the D800 that has been on our wish lists since 2008.

Take a look at the second camera from the right:

This gaffe from the folks might prove that we are one-step closer to D800-Day. Followers believe that this D800 über-DSLR will be released at the upcoming 2012 International CES in Vegas January 10-13 or at CP+ in Japan February 9-12

Featuring a 36 MP sensor (7360×4912), 100% viewfinder coverage and auto-focus utilizing 51 points, this DSLR boasts an ISO range of 100-6400, according to our favorite Nikon Rumors site

I’ll call Nikon, but I don’t think they’re talking yet, and a visit to their site pro-product page at gives me an error message that the site is down due to over capacity. So, time for another cup of coffee and another dose of patience.

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