Digital Production BuZZ for January 24, 2013

BuZZ_Tile-125x100Since the BuZZ is based out of LA, you may think when we say “audition” we are talking about a beautiful actress reading at a casting call. Ah, sorry, nope, not tonight. Tonight, we are talking about Adobe Audition, the audio recording, repair, and mixing software. Leading off tonight’s program is Durin Gleaves, the Product Owner of Audition at Adobe Systems. No matter how great your images are, if you have poor audio, no one will watch. Audition can help you capture audio that will make your projects shine or, if necessary, help you “fix it in post.” When you need to spruce up your audio, consider Audition.You may have heard that one of our frequent guests to the BuZZ, the team at Imagineer Systems, won an Oscar! Yep. On February 9th at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Philip McLauchlan, Allan Jaenicke, John-Paul Smith and Ross Shain are going to walk the red carpet as they are presented with a special honor for scientific and technical achievement for mocha. It is always nice to see the good guys win and tonight on the BuZZ, we’ll get a chance to find out more as we speak with J-P and Ross. What a party it will be!

Remember a few years ago when Apple retired the xRAID and started promoting Promise RAID technology? Since then, we’ve been paying very close attention to the folks at Promise. Randy Chan, their Product Marketing Manager, has been with them for 25 years and has spent most of his career in the storage and archival arena.

So, think of tonight as a combination learning experience and congrats fest to our very successful friends!

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Cirina Catania
Producer, Digital Production BuZZ