Digital Production BuZZ for January 3, 2013 (2013??? already???)

Happy New Year everyone!
Last week we hosted our BuZZ family of regulars and had a very lively discussion about 2012 and a look forward to 2013.
Tonight, we continue that theme and talk specifically about some technological challenges.
Michael Cioni, CEO of Light Iron Digital, a post-production house in Los Angeles enjoys front-row seats as he works with some of our industry’s biggest releases.  He has a very interesting take on the last 12 years as our industry transitioned from film to digital.  Maybe we haven’t come as far as we think?  We are curious about what he sees for the future.  Prior to the interview, you might want to read his lastest blog post entitled, “the DIT dilemma” –  – yes, our business continues to evolve.  Michael gets out his crystal ball and tells us more.
It seems that all our more geeky friends are talking about the high-frame rates used for the recent film, “The Hobbit.”  Qube Cinema’s digital cinema server and 4K integrated media blocks were recently used at both the New Zealand and London premieres of the film. What does the integration of this technology mean for the present and the future of cinema? And, will you be seeing more 4K in a cinema near you very soon? Rajesh Ramachandran, President and CTO of Qube Cinema has some of the answers we are seeking!  Check out Qube here:
Philip Hodgetts, President of Intelligent Assistance always has something extremely useful to talk about.  Today, I wanted to get more into the details of how to prep for post, and who better to ask?  If you are in production and you haven’t planned for post or met with your post supervisor, then you might want to think about switching careers!  Philip blogs at
And, with some words of inspiration for all of us, we are pleased to speak with Anna Easteden, who is not only gorgeous, but incredibly intelligent.  She is an award-winning actress, a successful model and writes a regular newsletter.  I asked Anna how she stays motivated and I think you will be impressed at the positive energy and professional work ethic that contributes to her success!
Please contact me at buzz(@)catania(dot)us with suggestions for guests or in true BuZZ fashion – just to say “hi” and tell us you like the show.  See you on Twitter at @Cirina and @DPBuZZ
Thanks for listening!