TDVision Systems Garners Lumiere Award for Technology

Receiving the Lumiere Award for Technology: CEO Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo and CMO Ethan D. Schur.(PRNewsFoto/TDVision Systems, Inc.)

Receiving the Lumiere Award for Technology: CEO Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo and CMO Ethan D. Schur.(PRNewsFoto/TDVision Systems, Inc.)

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Feb. 11, 2013 — TDVision Systems has been awarded the International 3D Society’s most prestigious honor, the Lumiere Award for technology for its groundbreaking 2D+Delta video coding system. The system is a standard part of the Multiview Video Coding (MVC) amendment to the H.264 video compression standard selected by the Blu-ray Disc Association as “Blu-ray 3D”.

“3D Blu-rays are being seen by millions of consumers on their new 3D flat screens. The companies receiving our LumiereTM statuettes have helped to create much of this magic for fans in theatres and at home,” said Jim Chabin, President of the Society.

“The Awards Committee focuses on technologies that represent genuine advances in 3D and that have a demonstrated impact on the 3D professional or consumer,” said Jim Mainard, Chairman of the Society’s 3D Technology Awards Committee and Head of Digital Strategy at DreamWorks Animation

On receiving the award, Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, CEO, CTO and President of TDVision and inventor of the 2D+Delta encoding and the Dynamic Convergence technologies thanked the Society. “It is a great honor for our founders, our investors and our team to receive this fantastic Lumiere from the International 3D Society. This award is the result of following our goal: To provide the user with the highest visual quality experience for stereoscopic 3D media. We are motivated to relentlessly innovate and move forward to create the next radical breakthrough in 3D videocoding. We want to thank all our industry partners who are making this massive adoption of Full HD 3D possible for the benefit of entertainment, education, science and many other unimagined applications. Thank you again.”

About TDVision
TDVision Systems, Inc. is the owner of several 3D-related key patents now listed as part of different standard stereoscopic architectures such as ISO, MPEG and AVC. TDVision’s technology allows the acquisition, encoding, deployment, decoding and visualization of stereoscopic 3D HD video streams and computer-generated content within the 3D ecosystem. TDVision’s solutions are based on firmware and software changes to enable true 3D HD on current infrastructures. The solutions are ubiquitous, fully compatible and even allow 2D legacy compatibility with existing infrastructures.

The TDVision system is display agnostic, meaning it can be displayed on any existing stereoscopic display. This can be done at the best native resolution and without any detriment in quality, allowing users complete freedom in selecting any existing 3D or 2D display system.

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