International Supplies Chock Full of Tech at 2013 NAB

Check out the lineup at International Supplies, Booth #C9049 at the Las Vegas Convention Center during 2013 NAB:

– Nighthawk Bluetooth Microphone Combo System
The Nighthawk is a clip-on multi-functional microphone Bluetooth device with high-quality wireless recording capability for Apple and Android smartphones. It can function as a wireless interview microphone, recording device, smart phone headset, in-car speaker system, and even an MP3 audio controller. The system includes a free recording app with an integrated start/stop recording function so that when used as a microphone, users can wirelessly record consistent, professional quality audio levels on their smartphone from up to 30-40 feet in range. Also features 12-Hour Talk Time, Smartphone Bluetooth Clip-On Microphone with removable earpiece, Push-to-talk (PTT) button for two-way radio communications, In-Car Speaker Kit, Bluetooth MP3 Device Controller and Uni-directional microphone to reduce ambient noise and ensure greater clarity during recording.

The new Video Storage-Air, model NVS2825, is a portable Wi-Fi enabled video back up device that allows users to back up footage from SxS, P2, CF, SD/SDHC and SDXC memory cards onto the drive, then view and pre-edit clips from their iPad, iPhone and Android. Other innovative features include PCM audio play, FireWire 800 and USB 3.0 interfaces, exFAT/UDF/FAT32 support, extremely fast backup speeds (90 MB/s for SxS and 80 MB/s for CF), internal motion/free-fall sensor, and ability to back up to the internal and an external drive simultaneously. The new drive generates HTML index files so once bit by bit verification is complete, users may opt to preview the footage on the drive’s built-in 2.4” color LCD screen and play PCM audio through an audio jack located at the bottom of the device, or view and pre-edit video clips from their iPhone, iPad, or Android device via Wi-Fi. A special App will be available for download that supports 1X video play on iOS devices, mark in/out, OK/NG cut selection, attaching notes, binding of cuts into a video, and PCM audio play. Android users may gain Wi-Fi access via their web browser.

– Dougmon:
It’s a handheld camera support system for DSLR’s and small video cameras. Dubbed the “Wrist Rocket”, the Dougmon essentially mimics how the hand, wrist and arm work together. The camera sits on a patented adjustable friction ball head system that when held in the center of your palm, imitates the movement of the wrist so users can twist slightly to the right or left or up or down. The arm of the Dougmon adjusts to fit the length of the user’s arm and a padded cuff with adjustable straps secures it in place. Its design allows the camera to go wherever the user’s hand or arm goes. You can shoot high, low, over your shoulder, or even use it as a monopod.

– Varavon’s new Multi-Finder
The Multi-Finder Viewfinder is a DSLR LCD viewfinder with straight and low angle viewing capabilities, 3x zoom, loupe and diopter. It attaches to the camera via a base plate, so it flushes up right against the camera’s LCD screen and with the use of two built-in angled mirrors, allows users to simply look down into the viewfinder to see the shot, so you can hold it at waist level and shoot without having to bend down or kneel. When it is not being used for low angle capture, the device can be used as a regular viewfinder or transformed into a hood. The Multi-Finder is available in three different models: a UNI version, which comes with one adjustable base plate that works with multiple DSLRs, including the Canon 5D MKII, EOS 7D, Rebel T2i, and Nikon D4 and D7000; and models specifically for the Canon 5D MKIII and Nikon D800.

– Varavon’s new Motorroid Slider Kit
Varavon is now offering a new motorized add-on / upgrade kit so you can modify any of their existing sliders so it has motorized functionality. The integrated motor and controller includes an acceleration dial so you can ramp up speed rather than just a simple on/off switch that will cause harsh start/stops, and limit switches to prevent the slider from continuously running as it reaches the end of travel. Driving time is 5 min/1m on low and 10 sec/1m on high. It’s easy to assemble and operate. You can modify the kit to fit various lengths and it attaches with basic 1/4-20 connections at each end.

– Airbox Lights
Airbox Lights is a brand new line of inflatable softboxes that can turn an on-camera LED light into a larger soft light source. Raw LED lights can cast multiple shadows on a subject. By making the light source up to 300% bigger, Airbox softens the light, thus minimizing shadows and facial lines. Airbox’s inflatable softboxes are easy to use and set up. Simply inflate the box like a balloon, attach it to the front of a battery-operated LED light using its two Velcro straps, and tighten. It takes approximately 10 seconds to set up or break down; no tools necessary. The Airbox also features a pocket in the front for additional diffusion or color if needed, a silver interior, and Half Soft Frost front and back panels for dual layer diffusion, improved softness and minimal light loss.

– Yasuhara Madoka 180 Fisheye Lens
The Madoka 180 is a 7.33 mm circular fisheye lens with a 180 degree angle of view that projects a circular image in the center of the frame, and is specifically designed for use with the Sony NEX E-mount mirrorless cameras and the new Canon EOS-M cameras.

– Lumos LED Lights
Lumos Lights are by far one of the most even, balanced lights on the market. The Lumos 300 MK is a 1×1 bi-color LED panel with built in dimmer, full color temperatures range between 3200K and 5600K, a 3200K lux rating of 800 at 3.9 feet and a 5600K lux rating of 900 at the same distance, and HIGH CRI’s ranging between 92 Ra and 98 Ra, depending on the color temperature. Its 288 LEDs consumes only 50 watts of electricity. The small, portable Lumos 100 is available in either Daylight (5600K) or Tungsten (3200K). The 5600K model produces a lux rating of 280 at the same distance and a CRI of 90, while the 3200K model features a lux rating of 250 at a distance of 3.9 feet and a high CRI of 97. Users can also adjust brightness from 100% to 0 using the dimmer, with minimal color shift. The Lumos 100’s array of 84 LED’s consumes only 17 watts of electricity, making it highly energy efficient.