Kickstarter Campaigns We Like: iOgrapher

Iographer click point shoot
We’ve seen all manner of gear that helps filmmakers turn their iPads into camera-ready production kits for iOS-based productions, but the iOgrapher iPad Mini Mount may just be the first case specifically invented for shooting with the iPad Mini.

Article first published as California Teacher Invents iOgrapher – the First Case for iPad Mini Filmmakers on Technorati.

David Basulto, who designed the case, teaches media arts and animation at San Marino High School in Southern California as part of the Los Angeles County Regional Occupational Program. Basulto is also an avid filmmaker, producing tutorials and specializing in anything Adobe related. He has amassed a reputation in the post-production community as a forward-thinking journalist and influential creative who shares his knowledge at his Filmmaking Central website and writes for publications such as Post Magazine.

While he was out in the field with his students, Basulto noticed that it was difficult to maneuver the iPad mini when using it on shoots, so he invented a solution and is raising the money to produce it using a

The case is so unusual that it caught the eye of Forbes writer Mark Hughes who interviewed Basulto recently.

Basulto also made an appearance recently on the Digital Production BuZZ where he was interviewed by hosts Larry Jordan and Michael Horton.

Kickstarter is featuring several other initiatives related to the iPad Mini, but the iOgrapher is the first of its kind and unique in its category. The addition of strong handles on both sides and the ability to add lenses, audio equipment, lights and tripods makes it a Mini filmmaker’s dream.