Gear I Like: One Man Crew from Redrock Micro

Gear I Like: The One Man Crew motion system from Redrock Micro

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Weighing in at 14 pounds, the One Man Crew from Redrock Micro might turn out to be, pound for pound, one of your most unique pieces of gear. As production budgets get squeezed, the pressure is on for independent filmmakers to produce high quality content with limited resources in the field. How do you do an interview when you are on location with … well, just yourself! And how do you make that interview look professional?

I demo’d the One Man Crew during the recent Westdoc and haven’t yet used it in the field, but wanted to share it with you so you can check it out for yourself.

What is it? It was released early in 2013 and is being touted as the world’s only “motorized parabolic motion system.” Translation: Set it up, mount your camera, conduct your interview while the One Man Crew slowly moves around it’s track at the designated speed. The result: Beautiful, subtle movement that gives a film look to your interviews all while keeping your subject in sharp focus. Nice. Just relax, ask your questions, speak with your interviewee and let the One Man Crew do the camera work. I wouldn’t use this in every situation, depending on the look I want, but it sure would come in handy for those times when I’m working all by myself or with a sound guy.

See the One Man Crew in action. I liked the simplicity of the motorized controls and variable speed dial. The directional controls can be set to move automatically in the direction and speed required using the laser guides for critical focus. It eases in and out of the shot at each end of the track, eliminating the camera shake you would get if you were trying to do this manually.

The unit is portable and travels easily as it weighs only 14 pounds and measures 46″ x 9″ x 4.” It comes with a canvas carrying case to protect it when you are on the go. Included in the price is One Man Crew’s heavy duty tilt head. Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.00.30 AM

Purchase it for an MSRP of $1495 at the Redrock Micro Site.

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