Cirina Catania: First Look: The Berlin Film Festival

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(Berlin, Germany, Feb 2, 2016) The 66th Berlin International Film Festival is about to start and Cirina Catania is already musing about it on the BuZZ. How do you pick what you want to see when over 400 films from more than 95 countries are being screened in numerous categories. And do you choose between the Creativity of film or the Commerce of film? Both are here in force.

This year, as in years past, she has chosen to cover the main competition films and will be screening an average of 3 per day during the Berlinale. What will win her over? Ah, that remains to be seen. She and her other friends in the press who are here will undoubtedly be debating that subject over lunches and dinners. The winner is always a surprise.

But the one constant is that everyone goes away inspired.

Over at the EFM, more than 400 companies are buying/selling/screening their movies, including 77 documentaries.

The “Bear is loose!” Follow Cirina as she navigates one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals, the “66th Internationale Filfestspiele Berlin” (Berlin Internatinonal Film Festival) opening Feb 11 and running until Feb 21.

Cirina Catania is the supervising producer of The Buzz, as well as a filmmaker, journalist, and former senior executive with United Artists and MGM. She is also one of the founders of the Sundance Film […]

Source: Cirina Catania: First Look: The Berlin Film Festival

(Larry Jordan, EP/Host, The Digital Production BuZZ)