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A One-Hour Walk Along Hollywood Boulevard at Night with the Zeiss Otus Lenses.

Armed with two Zeiss Otus 1.4 ZE lenses (the 28mm and the 85mm) and two Sony Alpha cameras (the Sony A7R and the A7II), I took a walk along Hollywood Boulevard. The crispness and detail of these lenses is nothing short of amazing. I didn’t have a tripod with me, so I set the ASA […]

Exarchia in Athens, Greece – Beautiful Anarchy

Thought for the day: The Exarchia neighborhood in Athens, Greece is filled with secret alleyways, enticing walkways, and narrow, cobble-stoned streets. I took this picture a few minutes before dawn on an early morning exploration. Graffiti, opinion, Vespas and soft light leading to a sign reading, “Ennoia Publications.” Communication by art, by word and by […]

Cowboys, branding and trail dust.

On a recent trip to Oregon I spent two weeks embedded with ranching families. There is so much to say about these amazing Americans and I’m culling through the photos now, but these two of Clint Casey and Jeff Maupin roping cattle make me smile. Whew, it was dusty. It was hot. The cattle were […]

Cirina Catania: First Look: The Berlin Film Festival

Listen to the interview here. (Berlin, Germany, Feb 2, 2016) The 66th Berlin International Film Festival is about to start and Cirina Catania is already musing about it on the BuZZ. How do you pick what you want to see when over 400 films from more than 95 countries are being screened in numerous categories. […]

CES 2016, The iPadPro w/Tripod Mount & All My Tech Favs!

Here’s the bottom line on the iShot G7 Mount For 12.9″ iPad Pro for those of you who don’t have time to read: It works, but it needs some improvement, as it is a bit wobbly. However, how can you complain if it DOES work and it only costs $45, and at last glance there […]

Future of Branded Content Lies With In-House Media Hubs

Branded entertainment has been around since the late 2000’s but is only just now become recognized as a legitimate method of building awareness and promoting sales.

Kionte Storey, Wounded Marine Corporal – The Film

We are making a film about Kionte Storey, a Wounded Marine Corporal who lost a leg in Afghanistan but who now trains every day in hopes of gaining a spot on the International Paralympic Team. Kionte’s message is a powerful, inspirational and hopeful one. He travels frequently to visit with other wounded veterans and the […]