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Supermeet friends:  Rick Young, Michael Horton, Gregory Clarke, Philip Hodgetts,   Dan Berube, Peter Wiggins, Katie Berube, Dean Cleary

Supermeet friends: Rick Young, Michael Horton, Gregory Clarke, Philip Hodgetts, Dan Berube, Peter Wiggins, Katie Berube, Dean Cleary

(Amsterdam, Sept 12, 2014)
It’s just another lifestyle photo of a group of friends posted immediately on Facebook, sent out via Twitter and filed away in the “Memories of IBC 2014” digital folder.

Not really.

The collective psyche of these friends moves tech mountains on a daily basis. They are part of the bright and inspirational underpinning of all the small and large moving parts that together make up a whole moving part when combined with other moving parts … well, you get the drift.

Here, in what appears to be a simple social media moment, they are gathered in anticipation of the 7th Annual Supermeet in Amsterdam, having Italian food, tipping a glass here and there, laughing too loudly for the other tables and generally spreading cheer, all whilst diving into analysis of the latest metadata solutions, codecs, design challenges, developer challenges, editorial deadlines and dreadful deeds, corporate failings and successes, predictions for the future, 1 and 0’s, and, well, some things that I just don’t and most likely will never understand!

Dinner in Amsterdam with Gregory Clarke, Philip Hodgetts, Cirina Catania and Peter Wiggins

Dinner in Amsterdam with Gregory Clarke, Philip Hodgetts, Cirina Catania and Peter Wiggins

For those who are unfamiliar with The Supermeet, I will try to explain it to you. It is part fraternity/sorority party, part B2B cocktail meet and greet, part exploration of space and time continuum as it applies to the world of content and all the moving parts that support it, part creative inspiration untapped and…all heart brought to you by Michael Horton and Dan Berube. It is a raucous gathering of the Creative Pro User Group.

If you have never experienced it, you must. And once you do, you will become part of the family and this is one reunion you will not want to miss.

In Amsterdam, the Supermeet is 500 of your closest or soon to be closest friends gathered together over a 5-6 hour period to share information, watch exclusive presentations of new “stuff” from top companies like Adobe, Blackmagic, iZotope, Atomos, HP and demonstrations from the likes of editors Maryann Brandon, ACE and Mary Jo Markey, ACE (ripped from their editorial suites as they worked on Star Wars: Episode VII), Giles Lively presenting on Davinci Resolve for Blackmagic, Al Mooney livening up the crowd with his effervescent Premiere Pro announcements, filmmaker Hasraf Dulul with behind the scenes stories of his new film, “Sync,” Mike Thornton rescuing our audio dirty deeds, Jeromy Young with Shogun 4K monitor-recorder tales, and the folks at HP, Carlo Ruiz and those using HP Workstations to create passionate products: Patrick Drake and Kylie Flavell.

You are just now beginning to understand why this evening lasts, well, all evening!

Before you even get to the presentations, there are twenty companies outside the theater, each with a unique story to tell, a new product to introduce or software that will intimately prove indispensable to our working lives. The list of attendees is a surprise each year, but I do know of two of them because I am personally and most proudly involved: The Lumberjack System from Philip Hodgetts and Gregory Clarke, PhD, a powerfully easy tool for cloud-based on-set logging (yes, even when you’re offline) and Other World Computing (OWC) started almost thirty years ago by yet another techie genius friend, Larry O’Connor, and represented in Amsterdam by Rick Van Dyne.

And this brings us back to those friends moving tech mountains and that picture.

Bottom line: I can’t believe that I am so lucky to be able to be in the same room as these people who build the foundations that enable me to do the work that I love so much.

Without their genius, my wild and often unbridled creativity would most likely be limited to … well, what? I’d have to make my own tools, and I don’t know how to do that. I couldn’t create Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Photoshop. I’d be hiring PA’s to log on paper during our shoots instead of on an iPad and instantly creating keyword ranges. I’d have no way to shoot, no way to record sound, no way to transport my files over the pipeline. My images would not be color graded and I’d have to go back to writing my own music…um, you don’t want to know about that.

And I certainly wouldn’t be in Amsterdam with my friends telling stories and tipping a glass to happiness.

So, the next time you post a picture of your friends on social media, think about how lucky you are and stop for a moment to say thanks. I just did. Cheers!

COMIC-CON 2014: Masters of the Universe Art Book from Dark Horse is the First Ever Published Officially

AOTMUCVR.202514(July 25, 2014, Comic-Con, San Diego, CA) Dark Horse and Mattel today announced that they will be releasing the first-ever official art book for Masters of the Universe: The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!

In 1982, the world was introduced to He-Man® and Masters of the Universe®. Made in close cooperation with Mattel and He-Man® historians, The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe collects over 30 years of behind-the-scenes material, lore, and classic imagery.

Mattel and Dark Horse in this comprehensive retrospective chronicling the decades-long epic journey of He-Man® from toy, to television, to film, to a true pop culture phenomenon!

The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe includes rarely seen images of concept sketches, prototypes, and more from Mattel’s archives. Featuring beautifully restored art from master illustrator Earl Norem—celebrated artist of the most memorable He-Man® images!

The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is scheduled to arrive in comic shops on April 1, 2015 and in bookstores April 14, 2015. Copies may be pre-ordered here.



Founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson, Dark Horse Comics has proven to be a solid example of how integrity and innovation can help broaden a unique storytelling medium and establish a small, homegrown company as an industry giant. The company is known for the progressive and creator-friendly atmosphere it provides for writers and artists. In addition to publishing comics from top talent, such as Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, Neil Gaiman, Brian Wood, Gerard Way, Felicia Day, and Guillermo del Toro, and comics legends, uch as Will Eisner, Neal Adams, and Jim Steranko, Dark Horse has developed its own successful properties, such as The Mask, Ghost, Timecop, and SpyBoy. Its successful line of comics and products based on popular properties includes Star Wars, Mass Effect, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Aliens, Conan, EVE Online, Halo, Serenity, Game of Thrones, and Domo. Today Dark Horse Comics is the largest independent comic book publisher in the US and is recognized as one of the world’s leading publishers of both creator-owned content and licensed comics material.

HE-MAN, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE and associated trademarks and copyrights are owned by, and used under license from Mattel.

Comic-Con 2014: Grimm Fairy Tales is 100th Issue for Zenescope Entertainment

(July 25, 2014, Comic-Con, San Diego) Zenescope Entertainment, started in a garage by two Philly guys in 2005, has grown into a Top 10 Publisher with myriad fairy tales, horror, and fantasy titles plus working relationships with the biggest writers and artists in the business.Logo_Zenescope

“It’s hard for me to believe we are getting ready to publish our 100th issue of Grimm Fairy Tales. It seems like not that long ago we publishing issue #1 and then trying to figure out how we were going to find enough fairy tales to make it to issue #25. It’s been a blast writing and planning the series and seeing how it has evolved over the last eight years. As excited as I am to be publishing issue #100, I’m even more excited for the direction the series is going to take in #101. It’s going to be a great jumping on point for new readers and I think current fans are going to love it even more. The best way I can describe it is Harry Potter meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” (Joe Brusha, Zenescope co-founder and co-writer of GFT #100)

“The fact that we’ve hit an issue #100 is such a great feeling and it proves that we have a dedicated and loyal fan base. We’re looking forward to really blowing readers away with both the artwork and story.” (Ralph Tedesco, Zenescope co-founder and co-writer of GFT #100)

It all began with Sela Mathers, the Guardian of the Nexus, a woman tasked with teaching misguided humans right from wrong. But Sela’s struggles, her ups and downs, and the effects of those she’s helped and those she’s lost to darkness will all culminate in this epic 100th issue! Sela will take on the biggest threat she’s ever faced as the Dark Queen looks to plunge the Grimm Universe into an Age of Darkness.
Grimm 100 Cover Art

Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Anthony Spay
Written by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco
Artwork by Anthony Spay
Colors by Ivan Nunes
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade


Zenescope Entertainment was founded by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco in 2005, and has quickly grown into one of the top comic book and graphic novel publishing companies in the world. Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales and subsequent spinoff series such as Oz, Wonderland, Neverland and Robyn Hood, which re-imagine classic fables, are some of the best-selling and longest-running original independent comic books on shelves today. Zenescope publishes and develops both original and licensed material and has worked with dozens of clients that include Discovery Channel, History Channel, CBS, Lionsgate TV, Mandalay Vision, New Line Cinema, Titmouse Studios and many others.

Comic-Con 2014: One Huge Shopping Mall. New from Factory Entertainment


Straight from the FX show Archer, a 100% cotton beach or bath towel featuring Krieger’s virtual girlfriend in all her anime glory! Now you can take your very own virtual girlfriend to the beach or shower with you. Each towel measures 30” x 60.” Limited edition of just 1000 pieces. The towels are available at San Diego Comic Con exclusively from the Factory Entertainment Booth #2747 while supplies last. Or you can try to order here, but they may be sold out:

Kreiger's Girlfriend lives forever on this terry-cloth beach towel from Factory Entertainment.

Kreiger’s Girlfriend lives forever on this terry-cloth beach towel from Factory Entertainment.


“No, no, no! Do not wind her up, that is a big gun and she is baby crazy.”

Straight from the hit FX show Archer, Lana Kane in all of her ‘knock off’ underwear glory, armed with an assault rifle and if that isn’t enough to get your attention, she also moves and TALKS! Honestly, this exclusive literally speaks for itself, with 14 digital (very TV-MA) phrases straight from the show. This is definitely an adults only collectible folks!

Standing 7” tall, our premium motion statue captures Lana as she appeared in the ‘standout’ (phrasing!) first season episode, “Skytanic”. Lana is presented in a full color box and is a numbered limited edition of just 500 pieces. She is available at Comic-Con exclusively from the Factory Entertainment Booth #2747 while supplies last.

Lana walking tall and carrying a big gun.

Lana walking tall and carrying a big gun.


“The World’s Most Dangerous Action Figure” (Come on now, I thought that was Timothy Dalton’s rendition of James Bond?) But, hey, we’ll give it to them for a few days.

Another contribution to 2014 Convention Exclusives line up, Sterling Archer, from the hit FX series, Archer. Billed as “The world’s most dangerous secret agent,” he appears here in 6” action figure form dressed for any formal occasion, as long as there is a well stocked open bar of course!

This exclusive tuxedo variant Archer figure is highly articulated and comes with interchangeable hands and accessories.

The figure is limited to just 1500 pieces and will be available at San Diego Comic Con only from the Factory Entertainment Booth (#2747) while supplies last.

Sterling Archer Tuxedo Action Figure 2014

Sterling Archer Tuxedo Action Figure 2014


Just like the Mother of Dragons, you can get your hands on a set of Game of Thrones® dragon eggs straight from the lands of Westeros! But these are no hard petrified eggs; they’re soft plushies and come with handy clips that allow you to safely attach them to your armor, Maester chain, backpack or rear view mirror. Pretty much anywhere you choose!

Each egg is baseball-sized, and the set of 3 is presented in a beautiful window box. They are available in a numbered limited edition of just 2000 pieces exclusively from the Factory Entertainment Booth #2747 while supplies last.

Dragon Eggs from Game of Thrones.

Dragon Eggs from Game of Thrones.

Factory Entertainment is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality licensed toys and collectibles featuring a wide variety of music and entertainment properties, including Game Of Thrones, Archer, DC Comics, The Beatles, James Bond, Men in Black, Ghostbusters, Universal Monsters, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Jaws, Monty Python, KISS, and The Princess Bride. For all the latest product information, as well as updates and preproduction previews, please visit

This Album Has Legs. Walking Dead Soundtrack Available With Purchase of Blu-ray/DVD Set at Walmart

Walking Dead Songs of Survival Vol. 2

Walking Dead Songs of Survival Vol. 2

(July 25, 2014, Comic-Con, San Diego) Anchor Bay Entertainment has partnered with AMC and Republic Records to offer The Walking Dead fans an exclusive soundtrack with the release of The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season on Blu-ray™ and DVD. The soundtrack and Blu-ray™/DVD sets will be made available only through Walmart.

The soundtrack, entitled “Songs of Survival Vol. 2,” features exclusive tracks from artists such as Phantogram, Godsmack, Colbie Caillat and The Lumineers and will be included with both the standard and Limited Edition Collection Blue-ray™ and DVD release of The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season.
Pre Order The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season from Walmart

As an added bonus, the Limited Edition Collection Blue-ray/DVD set is packaged with a “West Georgia Correctional Facility Key” souvenir as well as the exclusive soundtrack.

You can listen to Phantogram’s exclusive song “Never Going Home (Alt-J. Remix)” as featured on the soundtrack “Songs of Survival Vol. 2,” by CLICKING HERE.

It’s been a breakthrough year for Phantogram’s universally applauded duo, Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter. Their latest full-length release, VOICES, made an impressive #1 debut on iTunes’ Alternative Chart and #5 on iTunes’ Top Album Chart. The band is playing several summer and fall festivals around the globe, from last week’s Latitude Festival in the UK to upcoming appearances at Australia’s Splendour In The Grass to Lollapallooza in Chicago and ACL in Austin; they will be on tour through November, for full dates visit:

Exclusive tracks featured in the soundtrack include:
· Meshell Ndegecello, “Good Day Bad”
· The Lumineers, “Visions of China”
· Phantogram, “Never Going Home (Alt-J. Remix)”
· Crooked Fingers, “All The Young Thugs”
· Colbie Caillat, “The Way I Was”
· Kongos, “Escape (Acoustic)”
· Godsmack, “Turning To Stone”

The Walking Dead returns for its fifth season this October. The series is the first cable drama in television history to beat all the fall broadcast shows in adults 18-49. The Walking Dead is based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics. The series tells the story of the months and years after a zombie apocalypse and follows a group of survivors, led by sheriff Rick Grimes, who travel in search of a safe and secure home. The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Emily Kinney, Danai Gurira, Chad L. Coleman and Sonequa Martin-Green. The series is executive produced by Scott M. Gimple, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero, David Alpert and Tom Luse.

Anchor Bay Entertainment is a leading home entertainment company. Anchor Bay acquires and distributes feature films, original television programming including STARZ Original series, children’s entertainment, anime (Manga Entertainment), fitness (Anchor Bay Fitness), sports, and other filmed entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray™ formats. The company has long term distribution agreements in place for select programming with AMC Networks, RADiUS, and The Weinstein Company. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA, Anchor Bay Entertainment has offices in Troy, MI, as well as Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Anchor Bay Entertainment ( is a Starz (NASDAQ: STRZA, STRZB) business,

Whether commemorating favorite films from every genre and decade, or creating acclaimed original programming, AMC brings to its audience something deeper, something richer, Something More. The network reigns as the only cable network in history ever to win the Emmy® Award for Outstanding Drama Series four years in a row, and boasts the most-watched drama series in basic cable history with The Walking Dead. AMC’s original drama series include Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels, Turn, Halt and Catch Fire and the forthcoming Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul. AMC also explores authentic worlds with bold characters through its slate of unscripted original series like Comic Book Men, Small Town Security, Talking Dead, Game of Arms and Freakshow. AMC is owned and operated by AMC Networks Inc. and its sister networks include IFC, Sundance Channel, and WE tv. AMC is available across all platforms, including on-air, online, on demand and mobile. AMC: Something More.

A division of Universal Music Group, the world’s leading music company, Republic is home to an all-star roster of multi-platinum, award-winning legends and superstar artists such as Amy Winehouse, Ariana Grande, Black Sabbath, Colbie Caillat, Enrique Iglesias, Florence + the Machine, Godsmack, Gotye, James Blake, John Mellencamp, Of Monsters and Men, Owl City, Weezer, among many others.

It is comprised of innovative imprints and digital business ventures including American Recordings (The Avett Brothers), Brushfire (Jack Johnson, G. Love), Cash Money (Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj), John Varvatos Records, Lava Records (Jessie J, Lorde), Monkeywrench (Pearl Jam), Casablanca Records (Tïesto, Martin Garrix), NBC’s The Voice (Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery), XO (The Weeknd), among others. In addition, Republic maintains a long-standing strategic alliance with country powerhouse Big Machine Label Group which is comprised of Big Machine Records (Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw), Dot Records, and Republic Nashville (The Band Perry, Florida Georgia Line, The Eli Young Band).

Comic-Con 2014: Warner Brothers Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Batman with Costume Display at the Hard Rock Cafe

(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment)

(Photo by Mark
Davis/Getty Images for
Warner Brothers Interactive

(July 25, 2014) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment Kicked off Comic-Con with a fan-pleasing ‘Cape/Cowl/Create’ Art Exhibit Unveiling. Life-size recreations of The Dark Knight’s iconic cowl headpiece and cape drew a capacity crowd at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Legends Room.

Guests enjoyed creative renditions of the celebrated costumes, inspired by the upcoming “Batman: Arkham Knight” videogame and re-imagined by top artists and Hollywood talent – including Zack Snyder (“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”), Will Arnett (“The Lego Movie”) and Jeff Lemire, among others.

The “Cape/Cowl/Create” exhibition is free to the public and open until end of day today. Some of the collaborations – designed by world-renowned artists or signed by Thursday’s attendees – will be auctioned for charity in 2015. Stay tuned for further updates.

Actor Wilmer Valderrama autographs Batmans cape and cowl during Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainments Cape/Cowl/Create unveiling event during Comic-Con International 2014 at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on July 24, 2014 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment)

Actor Wilmer
Valderrama autographs
Batmans cape and cowl
during Warner Bros.
Interactive Entertainments
Cape/Cowl/Create unveiling
event during Comic-Con
International 2014 at Hard
Rock Hotel San Diego on
July 24, 2014 in San Diego,
California. (Photo by Mark
Davis/Getty Images for
Warner Brothers Interactive

(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment)

Bros. Interactive
Cape/Cowl/Create event, a
celebration of the iconic
characters 75th anniversary
and the upcoming release of
Batman: Arkham Knight,
during Comic-Con
International 2014 at Hard
Rock Hotel San Diego on
July 24, 2014 in San Diego,
California. (Photo by Mark
Davis/Getty Images for
Warner Brothers Interactive

(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment)

(Photo by Mark
Davis/Getty Images for
Warner Brothers Interactive

Comic-Con 2014 – CW’s “The Flash” – Grant Gustin Also Stars in “Affluenza”

The "Flash" Grant Gustin stars in "Affluenza" available now on iTunes

The “Flash” Grant Gustin stars in “Affluenza” available now on iTunes

CW’s “The Flash,” Grant Gustin
Available Now on iTunes

The summer indie drama AFFLUENZA‎, is directed by Kevin Asch and written by Antonio Macia, creators of the critically acclaimed film HOLY ROLLERS. See more about Grant here:
During the summer of 2008, aspiring photographer Fisher Miller (Rosenfield) escapes his middle-class life in upstate New York for the moneyed mansions of Great Neck, Long Island when he moves in with his uncle and aunt (Guttenberg and Mathis) while applying to college in Manhattan. Finding himself on the outside looking in at his beautiful cousin Kate’s (Peltz) circle of indulged and entitled friends, he ingratiates himself with a stash of high-quality weed and a vintage camera that he uses to document their hard-partying exploits. Fisher becomes fast friends with the fabulously rich Dylan Carson (Sulkin), a leader of the group and a long-time admirer of Kate. Before long, he is swept up in a heady world of absentee parents, plentiful booze and casual sex. But, as the burgeoning financial crisis spirals out of control, the once seemingly endless stream of money dries up; friendships, romances and marriages melt down; and the glamorous veneer that once captivated Fisher implodes, exposing the hidden perils of privilege.

Director Kevin Asch’s (HOLY ROLLERS) latest film, AFFLUENZA, is written by Antonio Macia (HOLY ROLLERS) and the film stars Ben Rosenfield (“Boardwalk Empire,” GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY), Gregg Sulkin (MTV’s “Faking It,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “The Wizards of Waverly Place”), Nicola Peltz (TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, THE LAST AIRBENDER, “Bates Motel”), Grant Gustin (CW’s “The Flash,” “Glee,” 90210”), Steve Guttenberg (DINER, COCOON, POLICE ACADEMY, THREE MEN AND A BABY, “Veronica Mars”), and Samantha Mathis (AMERICAN PSYCHO, LITTLE WOMEN, PUMP UP THE VOLUME). AFFLUENZA is produced by Morris S. Levy’s Mega Films (THE TEN, SEDUCED AND ABANDONED) and Asch’s Lookbook Films.

For more information, visit Affluenza’s iTunes page:

Comic-Con 2014 – Kevin Smith’s “Tusk” trailer a real Thriller

This genre is definitely not my thing, but Kevin Smith is a genius, so I share this with those of you who love horror, thriller, suspense…and, well, Kevin Smith:

Kevin Smith's Tusk (Teaser Poster)

Kevin Smith’s Tusk (Teaser Poster)

In Theaters September 19, 2014

Why we make films

For several of the last few months, I was based out of Berlin. Came for the yearly Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival) and stayed to begin a documentary that will be filmed in Paris and the country of Georgia.

This annual trek to one of the world’s most prestigious festivals is an adventure I choose never to miss.

The streets of an already creative city are filled with attention-seeking stars, political officials, fans and journalists. But the high-profile attendees are not as compelling for me as the fans, like this sweet couple waiting for a glimpse at the glitter.

I am certain I now know why I make films. I make them because they bring love and joy to others.

Frederich lifts Ida so she can see the stars arriving on the red carpet at the 2014 Berlinale.

Frederich lifts Ida so she can see the stars arriving on the red carpet at the 2014 Berlinale.

Watching 30 films in competition over the course of ten days is physically daunting, emotionally and creatively rewarding so I do it every year. And those films and the inspiration they bring to my life provide the batteries to keep me going for the next year, until it all starts again.

Why do you make films?