Berlinale 2015 opens with Nobody Wants the Night

DSC05762_Belrinale 2015 Press in waiting @72 1000px

Here’s a sneak peek at the press conference for “Nobody Wants the Night,” an epic adventure inspired by the hidden stories of Arctic explorer’s wife Josephine and the young Inuit woman who burst into her life in the most unexpected of places.

DSC05794_Nobody Wants the Night_ Rinko Kikuchi director isabel Coixet Gabriel Byrne Juliette Boinoche and moderator @72 1050px

I’m on embargo until after the premiere tonight, so can’t review the film yet, but loved the honest and humorous responses from the actors (Juliette Binoche, Rinko Kikuchi and Babriel Byrne) and their director, the saucy and talented, Isabel Coixet. Stay tuned for more…