Hurricane Sandy – Two Years Later

The rain threw itself on me as I walked the streets of Staten Island wondering what it would look like exactly two years to the day from that moment when Hurricane Sandy’s wrath beat itself against everything it could find.

Not much has changed, except that the water levels are down.

Mold and debris permeates the neighborhoods, rats run the streets at night, geese feed in puddles and fly patterns over the destruction.

A dumpster sits fully loaded with construction waste and empty beer boxes next to a dead-end sign and eerie shadows lurk in dark basements visible through cracks in boarded windows.

What is keeping us from fixing this? I don’t have the answers. Wish I did.

DSC03249_fence & boarded basement

DSC03372_believe sign & church

DSC03371_baseball hat flag on house

DSC03369_baseball hat in puddle

DSC03366_abandoned house in park w fence

DSC03351_praise Jesus

DSC03347_faded flag

DSC03344_Autumn leaves abandoned houses

DSC03332_geese abandoned road

DSC03279_interior basement @72

DSC03268_houses flag @72 1000px

DSC03254_Autumn Leaves @72 1000px

DSC03245_wholesale appliances

DSC03243_sam adams trash


DSC03327_@72 1000px

DSC03317_@72 1000px

DSC03300_Painted Fire Hydrant

DSC03294_iron fence post

DSC03290_Quinn number on door

DSC03275_ARW painted on wall

DSC03271_abandoned houses

DSC03252_Sunflower fence

DSC03251_lot number 42

DSC03250_number 49