Kionte Storey Film

Kionte Storey may have lost a leg in an IED explosion in Afghanistan, but he is a true survivor. His life has been a challenge, from his birth in Stockton, California as a two-pound preemie, to his time in Foster Care, struggles to keep on the right path all while living in the middle of drug and gang territory, his two tours to the warfront, first in Iraq and then in Helmand Province’s Green Zone in 2010 with the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, and subsequent struggles with illness. But he survived it all!

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Kionte was evacuated home to the U.S. an amputee, plagued with PTSD, depression and thoughts of suicide. But he is a fighter and asked himself every day, “Why me, why me?” Until one day, the answer came to him. He was the one who was chosen to walk through that narrow hallway onto a live IED, because with his strong-will he could recover from this and help others, give hope to others, inspire them to keep on when the world looks like it is hopeless. Kionte knew at the moment and in the years to follow as he healed and become stronger, that he had to survive so he could travel the world and take a positive message to others through participation in sports.

He runs races alongside of other challenged athletes and competes as often as he can, bringing a smile to the track! He climbed the highest peak in Antarctica and immediately called home to his adopted Mom to let her know of his triumph. His personal goal is to gain a spot on the International Paralympic Team. And he says he couldn’t do it without his Mom, Paula and the help of organizations such as SemperFi.

Please help us to finish the film about Kionte Storey so we can give him a voice. The GoFundMe Campaign is live and just needs your love 🙂 Take me to the GoFundMe Page.


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