An Afternoon in Kenya


I had been traveling as videographer with Danny Glover, Dikembe Mutombo, Nadine Gordimer and a team from the United Nations Development Programme.  Africa was mesmerizing, so beautiful and at the same time, so incredibly dangerous – compelling and frightening in the same breath.  Didn’t want to leave, so I delayed my flight home and flew to Kenya for a day.  These images were captured in an afternoon on a mostly gray day, but they remain for me, an indelible memory of a trip to a distant land that I keep in my heart.


Kenya_005_lion cub with mother_1000x @72 Kenya_007_Lioness w cub Kenya_010_lion close up Kenya_011_Lion starting to yawn_1000x @72 Kenya_012_lion big yawn Kenya_039_lioness just before charging_1000x @72 Kenya_048_giraffe w bird hat Kenya_074_lioness at rest Kenya_089_Baby Giraffe