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Facebook Burns Social Fixer Business Site

Matt Kruse just lost contact with his community. He has spent years developing a highly popular app called Social Fixer Used by over one million people, it is specifically designed to enhance the Facebook experience by creating an easier-to-use interface, removing pop up ads, creating advanced feed filters giving users full control of what they […]

American Idol – Telescope Handles Voting Pipeline

Telescope, the company behind the millions of voting interactions for shows such as American Idol and the XFactor, has handled over 1.5 billion exchanges in the last year, over 75% of them from mobile devices.

American Idol – What’s Behind the Envelope? Interview with Jason George of Telescope

Listen to my interview with Jason George, CEO of Telescope (15 minutes) here: JASON GEORGE Telescope American Idol I know this is lengthy, but here is the full transcript of the interview for those who would prefer to …. read ….. yes, read! Interview with Jason George, CEO, Telescope (http://www.telescope.tv) Interviewer: Cirina Catania Conducted April, […]

Livefyre.com Tracks 2013 SXSW Using Social Media on Steroids

Jumping off the success of their SuperBowl campaign, the one-stop social media site will be providing platform for news and events at the upcoming 2013 SXSW in Austin, Texas